Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nearby Park

I did some more cleaning of the apartment this morning. Lots of dust bunnies hiding in the corners. I figure if I keep telling everyone the mundane pieces of my every-day life, they'll realize Paris living isn't all that different than Chicago living - like the apartment upstairs blasting some TV show.

The Parisians, however, do love their parks and churches. About a one minute walk from my apartment building, there is a park that looks something like this:

Can you spot the Eiffel Tower? It's hiding...

I was going to look it up online, but unfortunately, I can't find a map with the park labeled. So until I walk over there again and read a sign, this will simply be known as "the park around the corner."

And note to self: grocery stores are open only 9am to 1pm on Sundays, heh. At least there was a patisserie down the street that was open (it's nearly impossible not to find fresh bread in Paris during the day). And there's a merry-go-round right outside of it... so maybe life in Paris is a bit different from Chicago...

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