Monday, May 28, 2012

Hospital Sleepover

Bridgette's recovery has been relatively good. Following a good day Friday of downing fluids like a fish, talking, and even walking around the hospital floor a bit, Saturday was rough. She spent most of the day battling a stomach that would not put up with what she wanted to put down, be it tea or crackers. The nurses were very attentive to the situation, and the day ended up being a game of trying to time pain-killer pills around lost bellies and short naps. Bridgette's girlfriends were considering visiting, too. And knowing what state she was in, she was bummed that conversation would have to wait or at most be kept short.

So early Saturday afternoon, I was accompanying Bridgette on one of her walks down the corridors, as she fought off the shivers and dodged gurneys and nurses. We found that one hallway has a little extra heat near the windows, so that served as a nice goal for the walks. On our return, however, the Sharkeys appeared out of nowhere to greet her with hugs and flowers. We all walked our way back to the room, where Bridgette's exhaustion required more napping.

During that sleep, Jess and D showed up, too, so we all had a few hours of hanging out in the waiting room, catching up, until Bridgette woke up. Once that happened, she still was feeling crappy, so we decided to let her nausea meds kick in while she slept a bit more. Luckily, by the end of dinner, I got a text that the nausea had passed, so Bridgette was able to spend some real time chatting with the friends before they made the trek back to Illinois.

In case a rough night was ahead, I decided to crash in the hospital room. The sleepover was mostly uneventful; no ghost stories, video games, or eating s'mores. We were both spent after the friends left, so sleep came around 9.30pm (how incredibly exciting of us). The cot here was surprisingly comfortable, and both Bridgette and I think the blankets here are magical -- somehow thin and light, yet cozy and warm. At midnight, a nurse came with pain meds, and at 4am, another to take blood. 6.15am: the doc for a checkup, and finally around 8.30am, nature was calling. We started the day with yet another walk down the corridors to the comfy, warm hall with the windows.

Thankfully, today's nausea is more under control, and Bridgette has been able to keep down not only tea and crackers, but even a bit of scrambled eggs and French toast. Go, team! She's been sleeping a ton in between walks, snacks, bathroom breaks, and a little reading time. We (and the docs) want to be sure everything is under control with her digestion before we leave the hospital, so no definite end in sight, yet.

As I write this, she's sleeping, the parents are close by, and we're all relieved today is another "easy" day. Time passes strangely here: strangely fast, considering we're all doing mostly a big heap o' nothin'. We're all proud of how strong Bridgette is, and we can't wait to get her back to Springfield for some R&R without nurses waking her up every 4 hours. No offense, RNs out there.


  1. Adam . . . Appreciate your logs on your blog, as I am sure others are appreciative to read as we are all concerned for Bridgette. Bridgette, in looking at the photo Adam attached with your friends and Mom, as a physician you look extremely good post three days from major surgery. Again, allow most of your energy to work on 'surgical repair and healing' as we had mentioned. Bridgette, please know the Ellis family continues to think and pray for a speedy recovery. Very Best - Ellis Family (La Crosse, WI)

  2. Looking good Bridgette! Hope the days keep getting better. Glad you got to see some of your friends!
    Hugs from us in CA, we're thinking of you! Thanks for posting and keeping us up to date Adam!

  3. Thanks so much for the update -- we've been thinking about both of you a lot. Wishing Bridgette a smooth recovery from here on out. Best from France.

  4. Sorry your major bump in the road turned into an uphill climb there for awhile, but that is very common after major surgery. So hope our little superwoman is now on the upswing and you can ditch the hospital cot Adam. Who knows, maybe you get to bring the magical blankets home with you? Can't wait to have you all home ... thanks for the updates .. . Hugs and love, Auntie J