Monday, August 6, 2012

(Almost) 76 Trombones

The other day, Bridgette and I were out in the square, reading, on a beautiful afternoon. We could hear rehearsing of a band inside the church nearby. Our friend, Greg, stopped by with his trusty companion, Bosco:

Bosco, the Boston terrier, in all his glory.

It's been impossible not to love the little guy. Greg's pretty cool, too. ;-) And then the band came out into the square, set up a few music stands and a drum kit, and before we knew it there was live music:

They were sharing a little sneak preview of their trombone concert a few days later, which we were sure to attend at the Eglise St Barthelemy, a few doors down. Bridgette was sure to catch a few seconds of them performing the theme from The Simpsons:

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