Thursday, October 4, 2012

And We're Back

Les Deux Magots Cafe
Hey fellow readers....and we're back. Yes, along with us, our blog has had a bit of a vacation itself, but it's time to start chapter 2 of Hoop Dreams  with year 2 abroad (uh, yeah, I think we totally slacked on trying to even think of a new title after all this time. any thoughts?).

In a nutshell the past 4 months have been a serious blur full of the known medical fun, wedding planning, moving back to France, touring the country, heading back to the Mayo for more tests (all's well!) then off to Greece for two weeks with a group of 6 of my super fantastic friends. Adam was unable to make it to the land of Gyros, worry beads, and Frappes (sad face), but instead stayed in Paris to fire up a new year at the school. I was able to join on a recent field trip to Lille and got a great impression of the students. I think it's going to be a good year.

On top of all that fun, for the past two weeks our apartment has been run like a hotel. We've had two rounds of visitors so far, and are about to host number three....adam's parents. And in the middle of all that, a long lost girlfriend from high school just got married and came through Paris, willing to meet up with Adam and I for drinks on the first night of the honeymoon. We felt honored ; ) and had a great time showing them around, feeling like we actually knew something about this city. Nothing beats a beautiful night out sipping a glass of Pouilly Fumé (a great white you all must try!) at the famous Les Deux Magots followed by swanky 1920s cocktails at our fave, Curior Parlor, the only place you'll find a stuffed raccoon by an unlit shady entrance, a peacock, and a stuffed fox with a bow tie above the bar. Ah, we love visitors as it gives us the excuse to splurge a bit : )

More to come soon, I promise, but for now, need to prepare for playing hostess for round 3!

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