Friday, December 9, 2011

History is so IN This Season

As Adam and I expand our minds watching the French equivalent of MTV, called NRJ (they say it like 'energy' with a frenchy french accent) we notice something peculiar about video after video we see. Negating all the American videos we all know and love/hate, the French seem to have a fascination about depicting the past. So for your Friday enjoyment take a look at a few of the catchy French tunes/videos we've found going totally vintage/historic.  

History is so IN this season: 
(sorry for any commercials)

Directed by Jonny Depp, her latest video has been quite a hit...yeah, what do i know know. but hey, if JD's involved, she's probably big stuff.

This is from the animation " Un Monstre à Paris"

Check out this stylish blast to the past, 1920s style. Lorie is topping the charts with her Kylie Minouge flair and selling millions . She's even got a stature of herself her in local Paris museum.

I recommend everyone learn the dance to this for your next holiday party. there's some pretty sweet moves here.

This one really beefs up the intro...patience. it gets even more French. Prince Charming and Mermaids? And yes, watch closely, Prince charming even has the mermaid pull his finger to let out a fart. What? Why not?

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