Sunday, April 22, 2012

Announcing the Sequel

As this weekend of catch-up and playing nurse (to be explained soon) comes to a close, I thought it would be a fine time to announce that Bridgette and I will be staying in Paris for an additional school year.


The university has asked that I remain for another two semesters to teach the same classes to the next group of study-abroaders, which I'll be happy to do. This will also allow Bridgette ample time to explore seriously some work opportunities. We'll continue to plan as much of the wedding as possible from abroad, and I'm sure we'll run into a long series of headaches due to that. But I think we can roll with the punches.

So to all those out there that were considering visiting during the sequel to our adventure over here, you have until approximately the end of May 2013. =)


  1. Congratulations!!!!! So excited for you both! Hopefully we can get over there by May 2013 ;-)

  2. Congratulations! That's very exciting news... enjoy every moment!

  3. Hey Bridge - you didn't happen to drive a car into the Chaussee d'Antin La Fayette Metro did you? LOL

    1. Whoa that's crazy! Didn't hear about that...then again, don't really watch the news too often either, ha.