Monday, April 2, 2012


So we did it. Last Friday. 6 seasons of LOST finished in under 5 months. I don't know if that's impressive or just plain pathetic, but we did it. It was always one of those shows we've wanted to watch, but never wanted to get into it midway. And having since arrived in Paris, time just so happened to open up with the opportunity to lose ourselves in this ever-so addicting series. I don't know how all you did it watching it week by week being held in suspense for over 6 years. Excruciating! 

In following these characters for somewhere around 120 hours, (yeah, that does sound pathetic), I almost felt as if we were leading somewhat parallel lives. I mean, here we are in France, coming here not knowing anyone, lost a bit from reality and all that's familiar, with only each other. And oh yeah, there's those 'Others' (the French), too. You never know if they're up to no good or actually on your side ; ) At least here, there's not people dying all over the place and polar bears running around.....but it got us thinking... if only we could find some of that Dharma Initiative Merlot for our wedding.....

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