Monday, October 17, 2011

Château de Saumur

(Continuing from our visit in Tours...)

The next morning (I think this puts us at Friday) we had a bright-and-early start with a quick intro to the history of Saumur from Tricia, which led us right to the castle in town. Ya know, 'cause French cities have those on occasion.

The Château de Saumur was originally built to defend against invading Normans in the 10th century. Then it got destroyed, built again, burnt, gifted, turned into a barracks, a McDonalds, a prison, and eventually transcended to where it is today: a tourist mecca that inspired Walt Disney. Okay, some of that I made up, but more of it is true than you may suspect (prison: yes; McDonalds: not so much).

With the cloudless skies and finally ample time, the students relaxed, explored, and had quality time with their sketch books:

The field trip continues here.

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