Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pont de l'Europe

(Continuing last weekend's field trip from the cathedral at Orléans...)

To finish our morning in Orléans, the bus dumped us out in from of the Pont de l'Europe (Bridge of Europe) where we had a few moments to scarf lunch (mmmm, memories of raspberry tart), take some photos, talk about the bridge, and sketch a bit.

It's a Calatrava bridge, the same designer / engineer that did the Milwaukee Art Museum. His bridges seem to be staples for European cities, and they're so iconic that they've become a brand. So goes the way of the starchitect. But this was likely the first such bridge the students had seen, and they seemed to really like it. And by crossing the bridge on foot, they experienced the details and rhythms that make these bridges so attractive.

Click here for more pics.

And the field trip continues here.

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