Saturday, October 22, 2011

Je suis ici!

 Hello all. And yes we are both alive : ) Been taking the past few days to get acclimated and become a little less nervous about wandering about barely knowing the language. Here you will see an exhausted photo taken after a long overnight flight and layover in Dublin...trekking home on the train from the airport to chez nous (our home) in the 15e arrondissement. The apartment is just perfect; tiny, cozy, and efficient. It really helps simplify life when you only have the bare essentials lying around and a few items in the fridge to cook with. Less decisions, yet more frequent shopping for sure! I've been to the store almost every day now picking up enough to carry home and get us through another meal or two. Today, Adam and I will attempt our first outdoor market to stock up on some fresh edibles for a great Sunday meal. More to come from that soon.

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