Sunday, January 15, 2012

Climbing the Mur Mur

Now that we're a bit more settled and our weekends have some free time, Bridgette and I ventured out to a new climbing location this Saturday.
Sous les arches voûtées d'un viaduc SNCF, toute une série de salles intimes vous proposent d'enrichir votre gestuelle sur des profils variés : dalles raides, dévers athlétiques, peau à grimper reproduisant une escalade plus typée « montagne ».

The facility consists of several "rooms," each situated under a main railway elevated on a viaduct. So the climbing walls are built on the inside of the arches voûtées, or vaulted arches. It's an impressive climbing space: plenty of room, sunlight, and a respectable 11m height. We were even more dumbfounded to learn that the facility includes a sauna.

(and yes Mur means 'Wall' in French....
so the name of this place is pretty sweet, eh? Wall Wall!)

Considering it's been a very long time since we've climbed, it was refreshing to get chalked up, clipped in, back on a wall, and make our way up 30 or 40 feet. Now we just need to stretch out the day-after aches and pains.

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