Monday, January 23, 2012

EXTREME Non-Showering!

Showering everyday. Overrated. Apparently they have deodorant here that lasts up to 72 hours. WTF? That's three days without showering. I guess that's cool if you're jumping off mountains then snuggling up with your honey like this guy (um...gross), but other than a backwoods camping trip, there's really no excuse to even need a deodorant that lasts 3 days. It's just not right. I don't know if these products even exist in the US because, personally, I'd never really considered seeking them out...didn't even consider them even being marketable. But, if you're curious, there's definitely a ladies version of this, too. So you can be right out there with your man jumping off mountains, climbing rocks, and still be feeling freshy-fresh three days later. WTF?!

Oh, and while we're on the topic of showering, I've totally realized why most euro women don't shave. Have YOU ever tried to bend over with a razor in a space that's literally 2'x2'. It's near impossible, so you have to do this balance-on-one-leg act in hopes that you won't slip and cause a total shower collapse. (I don't think I've ever taken a shower, yet, without banging into those frail little glass doors. I'm sure the ladies here just say, 'F-it, I really can't afford risking to have to buy another shower door if I come crashing through.' Maybe they have it figured out. I'd rather take the risk. You know, spice things up for the day?

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