Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Impressions of Groceries

Not sure why it seemed significant, but I took a picture of my first groceries receipt a few weeks ago.

There are several food choices near me, and I know very little about the differences between them. I've heard that Leader Price around the corner is "cheap," though a walk through seemed typical. It'll take a while to learn the prices, and I still don't have a good feeling for what a kilogram is (I know, I know: a little over 2 pounds).

A few things to know: one can purchase a generic brand wedge of brie for about 1.60€. That's awesome. Wine prices are all over the place: 1€ all the way to the sky. I've been told to avoid anything below 5€. I know from experience this is a warranted observation. Milk is sold in boxes not refrigerated. To be honest, I've been sticking with the cold stuff (that is sold, too, for a bit more), but I will try the boxed ones soon. Bread is delicious; I'm considering an all-carb diet. Lastly, Europeans know what muesli is. Thank goodness.

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