Sunday, September 11, 2011

Paris Intro Walking Tour

Friday afternoon I had the privilege of escorting the class of students from Versailles into Paris for an introductory walking tour. We followed the RER to Saint-Michel, which pops you up onto the streets in front of Notre Dame. I kid you not, 35 students whipped out 35 cameras and started furiously shooting.

After a few minutes of wrangling the group back together, we quickly divided into three groups and went our separate ways. I took a group of 12 to the Pompidou Center for a moment of sketching. An hour or three later,  I led them over to the Louvre to see the Grand Pyramide. We did not spend any time entering any of the buildings, just a quick visit, some sketching, and photographs.

We wrapped up the evening with some dinner on Rue Saint André des Arts, and I left them (hopefully) on the correct train back to Versailles. After all, I think they'll feel much more comfortable moving around Paris now, and they've seen a tasty sampling of the enormous number of sights to visit in the city.

My first class is Tuesday... time to get my lectures and assignments in gear.

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