Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parking Space! Beep Beep

Yesterday marked a huge day in the let's-check-things-off-the-to-do-list as I finally found a renter for my parking space. This has taken WEEKS and tons and tons of emails to nail down. Ah, one less financial burden to worry about. Of course, though, I needed to head back up the condo, AGAIN, to show the space, but I was fortunate enough to be able crash with friends in the neighborhood (thanks Jane + cat : ).

For dinner, Jane and I (minus cat) hit up a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall BYOB Thai place that Adam and I have frequented (only to realize, the only thing really worth getting is the curry or else you'll simply be eating stir fry salt lick), and it was just comforting, in a sense, to be back somewhere familiar. The place is called Pho's, but i think the best thing about the place is the restaurant name that appears on your visa statement...Poo's. Poo's Hot and Spicy. Ah, Poo's Thai food and only a 30 min commute. Remember those days?

Yes, this has been time number two within the past few days that I've had to trek up to the ole stomping grounds to meet people at the building. Yes, this other time being early Sunday morning to meet with the condo board to dispute a fine they had given me for moving couches out of my apartment after delivery hours. I mean come on, what are you supposed to do when you play email tag with a couple of guys from Craigslist for two weeks, then they finally decide to show...and hour hour after delivery hours...with a U-Haul outside and money in hand. Um yes, I'm getting those couches outa there. At least the board let this one slide. I'm just hoping, though, no more heading's time to move forward.

And speaking of, I'll be packing my bags once again as my time in the burbs comes to a close. Starting next week, it will be cousin time back in River North. No more hour commute for me!

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